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Congratulations James and Gemma!


As a team we are delighted to share in a big congratulations to James and Gemma who passed their third module exams for the Certificate in Insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute and can now officially use the ‘Cert CII’ after their names!

It was a great way to finish 2020 and suitable reward for their hard work over the last number of years as they have pursued these professional exams.

We were also delighted to hear that Gemma received the Peter Eakin award, as her scores were the top in Northern Ireland for this year. What an achievement!

We have found over the years that the Certificate in Insurance is a great way for our colleagues to further develop the specialist insurance expertise that enables us to continue to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our customers. This formal training, coupled with the great experience we’ve built up from over 25 years of working purely in Insurtech, ensures we’re best placed to continue developing the innovative insurance solutions we have become well respected for.

The support for professional training and further qualifications is just one part of the wider career development framework at Covernet which is integral to our philosophy and working ethos.
We want to encourage all of our team them to reach their career goals; the framework allows colleagues to define their own individual development plans and work in a structured and supported way to help achieve those goals.