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To drive your business

“Since launch, staff and agents have consistently identified our simple and straightforward products and customer journey as one of the key differentiators for AXA. Covernet were the people who were able to deliver these things for us..”

Alan Rickard, Head of Commercial Lines, Axa Insurance Ireland Learn more

"Covernet have and continue to be innovative, attuned to industry developments and expert from a technical perspective.”

Aine Monaghan, Portfolio Manager, RSA Insurance Ireland dac Learn more

“Anyone that wants to drive efficiency in their operational processes…. …Or empower their underwriters to write more business across all business lines should talk to Covernet. “

Katy Peacock, Head of Technical Underwriting, Prestige Underwriting Services Ltd. Learn more

"Our ability to deliver first-class products quickly, efficiently and with minimal manual processing is a key differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Covernet’s platform enables us to do all that, while also providing us with the all-important data analytics that are needed to inform our reporting, manage our broker relationships and monitor overall portfolio performance”

Chris Hootton, Underwriter, Dale Underwriting Partners Learn more