The future, covered.

Discovernet is a creative lab environment for our team to collaborate, to speculate, to test, to provoke, and to invent.
Panel Innovation

Innovation is inherent

Our core values of Teamwork, Respect, Excellence, and Innovation are not just words. Our team are invested in being better and delivering better for the sake of our clients' businesses.

A key element of this is Discovernet. A dedicated Research & Development Lab embedded in the core of our team. A place to work together to deliver a better future.

Discoveries Are Made By Pioneers

A tradition of innovation and focus on research and development has given our team a positively fearless attitude. We do not wait around for someone else to transform our industry.

We believe that groundbreaking ideas are created through dedicated effort and sheer force of will, not simply stumbled upon by chance.

Discovernet is our place to make these revolutionary ideas more likely to happen.

Panel Hypercube

The Future, Covered.

From grand visions with the potential to transform Insurtech to UX efficiencies providing marginal gains across millions of policies. First we find the problem, then we explore every answer.

Discovernet is where we will overcome challenges; gain advantages; stay ahead of the curve for compliance; and set new expectations for your discerning customers.

We stay a step beyond our competition and the industry as a whole, and we learn by doing.

We make the unknown.

Continuous Innovation, Enhanced.

Our Enterprise Web platform, ISMIS, has been built on 25 years of client collaboration. An innovative continuous development and delivery process which enables us to merge new functionality into the platform framework. Evolving rather than rebuilding.

Discovernet is where we generate the conceptual sparks that lead to new innovations. Where we work together to build our platform’s future.

Smart, future-ready software is what we do.
Discovernet is how we do it.