Smart Case Studies

Discover how we’ve already enabled start-ups and helped drive success for leading industry names with our fully hosted solutions and flexible software design.
  • Client name
    AXA Insurance
    Project name
    Commercial Growth in Ireland (ISMIS)
    A Smoother Customer Journey

    Growing in Commercial Lines is of key importance to AXA. When it came to us developing a new farm product, we knew that we could depend on Covernet to work closely with us in developing a solution that would support our ambitions. We had two simple asks of Covernet, firstly that any system be simple resulting in a smooth customer journey that made it easy to do business with AXA. Secondly, any system needed to be flexible and support the pricing and underwriting sophistication requirements to enable us to grow our commercial business profitably. Covernet delivered (and continue to deliver) for AXA in this regard, always meeting and often times exceeding our expectations.

    Quantify Success

    Since launch, staff and brokers have consistently identified our simple and straight forward products and customer journey as one of the key differentiators for AXA. Covernet were the people who were able to deliver these things for us. This is evidenced by the more than 15,000 farmers who’ve made the switch to AXA Smart Farm since our launch!

  • Client name
    Prestige Underwriting Services
    Project name
    Enhanced regulatory compliance (ISMIS)
    A Smart Partnership

    It enables us to set parameters for risk control that would have previously been manual processes. Covernet’s system gives us the opportunity to dictate bespoke rules which can be embedded in the system.

    One of our biggest risks is operating outside of the delegated authority granted by an insurer as this could lead to the withdrawal of the agency.

    So the Covernet claims functions allow us to set up user profiles to manage authority limits in line with the insurer’s claims delegated authority, this control prevents any user from acting outside of their authority limit.

    The system is used on various levels as a fraud prevention tool. 

    Efficiency Successes

    Plus, managing delegated authority for both claims and underwriting creates an inherent conflict of interest. So, to ensure our customers are treated fairly, we can restrict data visibility by using an individual user profile. This means Underwriters can only see the claims data which is necessary for them to carry out their underwriting function, in other terms - robust Chinese walls.

    Covernet also enables us to react quickly to regulatory changes too. For example, we can make a high priority change to documents within a short timeframe, avoiding any regulatory breaches or extended lead in times in comparison with other software houses.

    With Covernet, we can also develop our own Management Information for specific purposes such as regular MI reports or Ad-hoc MI to manage new risks.

  • Client name
    Ibex Insurance
    Project name
    Retail schemes expansion (ISMIS CORE)
    Customer Expansion

    ISMIS CORE enables quick, self-service addition of new schemes without the need for costly development. Plus, the CORE module gives staff in all Ibex’s retail branches quick and easy access to all of this ISMIS functionality for both Euro and Sterling Policies.


    Ibex & ISMIS Core

    With ISMIS CORE, a simple set of screens enables the Underwriter to create a policy for new or existing customers by selecting the Insurer and the Scheme. Once transacted, the policy is immediately available within the following ISMIS modules:

    • Claims (Add and manage claims on policy)
    • Business Intelligence (Policy will appear in management reports)
    • Accounts (Account entries generated in Broker and Insurer Accounts for the policy, and available for Accounts Reconciliation)
    • Renewal Manager (Automatic Renewal Notification on Underwriter’s or Broker’s TaskList)
    • Policy Administration (Full lifecycle functionality available to perform MTAs / NTUs / CAN)
    • Underwriter Admin Tools (Change Broker / Reinstate Lapses / Force Renewal)
    • Audit (All interactions with the policy will appear in the Diary and be available for Compliance Reporting.)