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Project Case Study Darren Burns


Project Theme

Dynamic Product Framework

Project Overview

The ISMIS platform allows our customers to host products with bespoke question sets for the quoting and transacting of policies. The dynamic product framework is an R&D project with the goal of allowing the development of these products in a low code manner. Traditionally when a new product is being developed every page in the product is created individually by the developer. This can be a time-consuming process involving the production of a lot of new application code and the associated testing of that code.
The dynamic product framework allows the user interface of the product to be produced by a configuration that is stored in a database but still allows bespoke business rules to be applied by pluggable extensions. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to build a product by reducing the amount of new code that needs to be produced.

Project Involvement

I am the technical lead on the project, and I have designed and built the database product configuration, an application for rendering the UI based on the configuration and an API that services requests from the UI application and allows the calling of bespoke business rules via pluggable extension modules.

Overall benefit to the customer?

The overall benefits to the customer are a quicker time to market for new products and reduced development costs.

What I found interesting as part of the project

The project has been created with the latest version of the Microsoft .NET platform as well as new Javascript frameworks. Working with new technologies is always exciting and challenging and is a great opportunity to keep my technical skills up to date.

At Covernet we are always looking at the latest emerging technologies to see if they will improve our systems and benefit our customers.