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ISMIS – The Smart Insurance Platform

ISMIS delivers market leading functionality, out-of-the-box, with the agility to adapt and add enhanced features.  Our UK based expert Chartered Insurance Institute and Microsoft qualified Insurance Technologists are here to advise and support you from planning right through to implementation and ongoing support.

Designed for MGAs and insurers, our fully hosted, web-based platform ISMIS has been built with scalability in mind enabling incredible speed-to-market. With ISMIS you can distribute and administer your products through your broker network, directly to the client or via integration with aggregators and comparative broker platforms.


  • Sales

    • Full point-of-sale functionality to quote, transact and produce high quality PDF policy documentation for new business, mid-term adjustments, cancellations and renewals across a range of product types and business lines.

    • Our Open API framework can support any sales channel, and you can submit business by bordereau imports, real-time XML rating requests from aggregators and comparative broker platforms, and by industry standard Polaris EDI messaging.

    • Adapt and brand products to sell directly to clients.

    • Multi-language framework and support for multiple currencies.

    • Payment options include credit card processing and instalments.
  • Policy Administration

    • Full policy management back-office with quotations and transacted policies available in real-time.

    • Refer quotations electronically in real-time between underwriter and broker.

    • Underwriters can make rate changes in real-time or by effective date.

  • Pricing

    • Our solution supports Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP) as standard, or integrates in real-time to your own third party pricing tools or risk services.

    • Complete and instant control over your risk appetite, pricing and underwriting criteria via our self-service rates management tools, allowing you to react immediately to threats and opportunities.

    • Support and development of rates analytics and pricing strategy to help you find the best balance between risk and profit.

  • Accounts

    • Full online and immediate accounts reconciliation between broker and underwriter (MGA/insurer), and between underwriter and insurer.

    • Premiums can be split in relation to commission levels/relevant taxes.

    • Quick, seamless reconciliation for large volumes of transactions via the web based ISMIS accounts module. Accounts can also be exported to Excel for offline working and re-imported into ISMIS.

  • Claims

    • Comprehensive claims handling platform streamlines and manages the claims process from first notification of loss (FNOL) to completion.

    • Integrated claims module also available as a standalone claims management platform via our CHIME solution.

    • Fully integrated with policy administration and management information modules of ISMIS ensuring all relevant claims data is available for processing renewals and MI.

  • Compliance

    • Users have access to the data they need to fulfil auditory requirements.

    • Full diary capture with MI capability across policy, accounts, claims and underwriting activity.

    • Permissions model allows full control over roles and access.

  • Enrichment and Integration

    • Our platforms’ own rich functionality is further enhanced by the market-leading number of enrichment and integration services we provide.

    • Connecting in real-time via inflow API or automated batch processes, we can ensure that whatever data you need, or wherever you need your data to go, we can support it.

    • See our  Smart Integrations section to view a list of our existing integrations and how our collaborative approach easily supports new additions. 
  • 360 Business Intelligence

    • Standard Management Information suite plus bespoke reports in sales, underwriting, accounts and claims.

    • Feature rich, real-time and on demand management information enables effective business analysis and quick reactions to changing market conditions.

    • Know your Loss Ratio and Claims Positions in real-time. Give piece of mind to your underwriters and capacity providers.

  • Document Management

    • Created bespoke for you, our high-quality PDF documentation offers version control throughout a policy history as standard.

    • Offline documentation can be uploaded and stored against policies and claims, and you can also extract client information to populate your letters and forms.

  • Workflow

    • Tasklist tool allows insurers, underwriters and brokers to interact digitally and ensure policies and claims are handled quickly and efficiently.

    • Supports automated and manual referrals.

    • Includes an integrated endorsement tool and the facility for underwriters to discount and load premiums at both policy and cover level.

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