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Smart insurance software

Since 1995 we’ve been helping insurers, MGAs and brokers to get to market faster, better and smarter. And in 2001, we released our first fully-hosted sales and administration insurance system. Today, we’re a well-known and leading provider of web-based software solutions that are innovative and offer unrivalled sales and administrative control.

Covernet was born in the dotcom boom times, founded in the same years as Ebay and Amazon, a local insurance broker with a love for all things innovation set up the company to create one of the first ever online insurance sites, with potentially the first ever home insurance quote online developed by the team in Coleraine. We’ve been innovating ever since. Throughout our history, our success has been driven by our dedicated team, they have defined and continue to embody the values which our customers know us. Covernet has matured as an organisation over the 25+ years, moving from a ‘start-up’ mentality to a more process driven and procedurally strong ethos. We now have 26 staff and have aspirations to continue to develop the organisation to support more rapid and continued growth.