Smart Claims

From first notification of loss (FNOL) to settlement, our fully hosted, web-based claims management platform CHIME is the most comprehensive and flexible solution available in the market.


It does exactly what you need it to because we’ve developed it in collaboration with insurance and claims management companies just like yours. CHIME can be fully integrated with the Policy Administration and Business Intelligence modules ensuring claims data is available when processing policies and reporting.


  • Claims Capture

    • Full capture of all claims data, including third parties and external companies involved in the handling process via an intuitive web-based interface which also includes fraud detection screening.
  • Document Management

    • CHIME can offer web based letter template creation and editing functionality allowing the user to create and save letters than can be prefilled with customer information.
    • It supports integration with document management solutions’ and clients existing back-office systems, enabling filing and recall of all associated documentation.
  • Business Intelligence

    • Provides feature rich standard, bespoke and ad-hoc management information that enables both high-level overviews and in-depth business analysis.
    • Full audit trail and diary of all changes, financial movements and actions carried out on the system are available at a glance.
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