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Retail schemes expansion (ISMIS CORE)

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Ibex have been using ISMIS to sell and administer their wholesale products since 2004.

When they wanted to expand their already diverse business model with a large range of non-wholesale products, they quickly realized it wouldn’t be practical to build complete schemes for each, and that managing the offline policies was too administration intensive.

We developed ISMIS CORE to address these needs.

Customer Expansion

ISMIS CORE enables quick, self-service addition of new schemes without the need for costly development. Plus, the CORE module gives staff in all Ibex’s retail branches quick and easy access to all of this ISMIS functionality for both Euro and Sterling Policies.


Ibex & ISMIS Core

With ISMIS CORE, a simple set of screens enables the Underwriter to create a policy for new or existing customers by selecting the Insurer and the Scheme. Once transacted, the policy is immediately available within the following ISMIS modules:

  • Claims (Add and manage claims on policy)
  • Business Intelligence (Policy will appear in management reports)
  • Accounts (Account entries generated in Broker and Insurer Accounts for the policy, and available for Accounts Reconciliation)
  • Renewal Manager (Automatic Renewal Notification on Underwriter’s or Broker’s TaskList)
  • Policy Administration (Full lifecycle functionality available to perform MTAs / NTUs / CAN)
  • Underwriter Admin Tools (Change Broker / Reinstate Lapses / Force Renewal)
  • Audit (All interactions with the policy will appear in the Diary and be available for Compliance Reporting.)


"ISMIS Core is a very powerful management and accounting tool which will allow us to have greater control over a whole array of new products."

David Whitmore, Director, Ibex Insurance Brokers Limited