Team Profile: Declan Marsh, QA Analyst - Covernet - Smart Insurance Software

Team Profile: Declan Marsh, QA Analyst



Declan Marsh

Job Title:

QA Analyst

Service time with Covernet:

1 Year

Education / Career journey:

Previously before returning to education where I obtained a Computer Science degree at Ulster University, I worked as a HGV Mechanic working on Trucks, Train Power Units and Drill Rigs.

How did you become part of Covernet team?

In 2019, Covernet invited me to take a Technical Assessment consisting of software testing questions and then develop test cases for two sets of Requirements. I was invited back for an interview and soon after offered a Graduate QA Analyst position starting in September 2019.

Tell us about your role

For me a typical day may be to establish which upcoming jobs are a priority, then based off this I would build a test plan from a given set of requirements, therefore being prepared to start testing a job whenever it is handed over from the development team.

I find trying to establish where issues may present themselves within the software enjoyable. Using a mindset of trying to break the system to establish if there are any vulnerabilities, this along with the variety of work means most days are different.

From the day I undertook the Technical Assessment the people at Covernet have been very welcoming. There is a friendly working environment here where staff of all levels interact, providing advice and encouragement when needed. I have gained vital experience and confidence by completing several major projects which I have been entrusted to complete.

What is your greatest passion outside of work and family?

When I get the opportunity, I love to jump on my motorbike and go out for a couple of hours. This for me is a great way to unwind and clear my head.