Team Profile: David Kemmy, QA Team Lead - Covernet - Smart Insurance Software

Team Profile: David Kemmy, QA Team Lead



David Kemmy

Job Title:

QA Team Lead

Service time with Covernet:

3 Years

Education / Career journey:

Once leaving secondary level education I was interested in gaining some knowledge in the area of computing and found a course with the North West Institute of further and higher education as it was known back then in 2003. I excelled in that course and received a National Diploma in Computing. I wanted to go further and decided to embark on a Degree course and was attracted to Multimedia Computing and Design course on offer at the University of Ulster. I completed my Degree in 2007 and felt that if I was going to gain a masters in the area of computing that now would be my chance and that is exactly what I did. I commenced and completed a Masters in Computing for Financial Services.

Whilst carrying out my dissertation for my Masters I was applying for Jobs in the hope that I could get employment within the computing industry. I joined Allstate Northern Ireland in 2008 initially working on mainframe computing, I would later gain interest in testing and found that I really loved that area. I had various testing roles with Allstate including mobile app testing.

How did you become part of Covernet team?

I got an email from a recruiter one day that an IT company in Coleraine was looking for an experience tester. I initially thought the company in question was a start-up and wouldn’t suite my situation at that time.  I was glad I did my research and found out that Covernet was established in 1995 and would have gone through the crash 2008/2009 and had an impressive portfolio of clients. I was really happy to undergo the recruitment test and was later called to an interview. During the Interview Lee gave me a background on how the company was formed and what the company ethos is. I remember leaving that interview very impressed and was delighted to join the Covernet team.

What does a typical day hold for you?

As QA Team Lead I have various tasks to complete on a daily basis, this includes working with the development and management teams with regards to projects that are to be tested. I would be involved in mentoring other QA members and ensuring that the QA Process is being followed. I also spend a lot of time on R&D, how best to improve the QA department to ensure we deliver a high quality product to our customers.

During lockdown we have our morning stand up video conference call where we can meet as a team and discuss anything of importance.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

I really enjoy the fact that within the QA department we can explore better ways of doing things and how I can improve both personally and on a professional capacity. If you happen to miss your breakfast there is complimentary Tea, Coffee, cereal and fruit which helps keep hunger off until lunch. I also really enjoy the team spirit we have at Covernet where everyone is working with the same focus of doing their best and providing a superior product to our customers.

What do you attribute to your career success to date?

I would put this down to hard work and experience of working with different people within the IT industry. Starting work at a young age also gave me a good foundation in interacting with people. I would also put it down to the ongoing support of family.

What is your greatest passion outside of work and family?

I really enjoy playing football twice a week, during lockdown I have completed the couch to 5k programme, I am aiming to complete couch to 10k before the end of summer 2020.