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Project Case Study with David Kemmy


Project Name

AXA Smart Farm

Project Overview

AXA Smart Farm was a new insurance product provided by AXA to offer the customers more cover and choice when taking out farm insurance. The product offers its customers farm protection, agricultural vehicles, and commercial earnings cover. The product allows the brokers and Underwriters to interact more efficiently, offering customer quotations and binding policies.

Project Involvement

The project involved creating a brand-new insurance product for AXA and allows brokers to quote to customers looking farm insurance in a quicker manner with a more tailored product.

Overall benefit to the customer?

There is without doubt more choice in the market for end customers, AXA Smart Farm ensures farmers are

getting a great tailored level of cover they are satisfied with. The product has been established to allow the brokers to simply provide the customer with a quote, transaction of new business, renewals, policy adjustments and cancellations. This system is easy to use and has been built to allow the broker and Underwriter easy interaction with each other.

What I found interesting as part of the project?

As (Quality Analyst) QA Lead working on this project, I found the challenge of testing a brand-new product exciting, I have tested numerous motor products in the past but with the farm product this was something different. I recall hearing an advertisement for AXA Smart Farm on the radio and thinking I helped to be part of that. I think when you help to build something new it gives you a sense of pride in your work.