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Project Case Study Laura Grimes


Project Name:

Commercial Combined Broker Bordereau Import

Project Overview

This project was completed for one of our customers to allow them to import complex commercial policies transacted by a large commercial brokerage on their own broker platform onto our ISMIS system which our customer uses to manage their business.

Project involves

The project involved creating a new API which takes an import file from the Broker and imports the records into our system. Validation checks are carried out on the records to ensure the data they are sending in is correct and that it would import into our system without issue. Checks are also carried out to ensure that policies are imported in the correct order and that an adjustment cannot be added if no new business record exists. The programme also uses the existing calculation engine to calculate the premium for the policy as though it had been submitted through our system.
Policy documentation is then produced for our customer based on the imported records.

Overall benefit to the customer?

The removal of double keying of risks, which makes both the broker’s and underwriter’s life easier, and removes the opportunity for human error.

What I found interesting as part of the project?

This was the first big integration project I worked on since I joined the company, so it was really interesting to be involved in the designing and building of new API for the project. Figuring out how to ensure a policy being imported goes through the same stages as a policy being added via our system was interesting. It’s always interesting when learning new skills and this project allowed me to gain deeper knowledge of our extensive integration solutions.