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Project Case Study Jemma Connor


Project Name:

Surgery NI

Project Overview

The project involved creating a new Surgery Commercial Combined product for the client to sell via their Broker extranet, hosted on our ISMIS platform. A new product is developed using the product framework and then modifying this to match the individual products business requirements.

Project Involvement

The Project included a variety of steps and measures such as;

- Modifying the existing product framework to match the specific question set for the new product.
- Creating a new database for the Surgery NI product to store the tables and stored procedures.
- New documentation was created for the NI product.
- New specific referrals and insurance rates were added for the NI product.
- Creating a test plan and test cases for the entire project to ensure everything is working as expected.
- Keeping details notes on all changes made.

Overall benefit to the customer?

The surgery NI product allows our client to offer this product to their NI based customers by having region specific premiums, covers and documentation. Hence, allowing them to increase their market area and potential customers.

What I found interesting as part of the project

This is my first time working on a project of this size. I found it interesting creating an entirely new product and this enabled me to work on functionality within the product that I haven’t encountered before which was very interesting.