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Prestige Underwriting GB Home division expand their product offering to meet Broker demand


Covernet facilitates Prestige Underwriting GB Home division to expand their product offering to meet Broker demand.


Covernet has a long-established relationship with Prestige Underwriting, delivering on both the build of new products and the evolution of current schemes in line with the MGA’s commitment to pivot and evolve its product propositions in line with ever-changing customer and market demands.

We have worked in partnership with Prestige Underwriting for 20 years, delivering bespoke non-standard software solutions to facilitate trade across three geographical markets – NI, ROI and GB.
Our team engaged regularly with the Underwriting team during the development process to confirm the spec and then onto the build of this product for the GB market which would give them the edge in the dynamic non-standard home marketplace.

Covernet’s bespoke portal will be the exclusive platform for the Prestige Prism Household product, developed as a complementary non-standard home product to its current offering, serving to help place some of those more difficult to place non-standard niche risk types.

The portal has been designed to ensure a smooth journey for the broker and provide Prestige with the tools they need to quickly and efficiently manage any risks that need additional underwriting.

As well as supporting their broker extranet and EDI distribution, Prestige Underwriting use the Covernet MGA software solution for policy administration, claims management, reporting, pricing, risk management and compliance.