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Local software firm invests in new research and development facility to promote global growth


Discoveries are made by pioneers – that’s the ethos of a local Software-as-a-Service company set to launch a new dedicated research and development lab to deliver smart, future-ready software.

Discovernet – founded by Coleraine based Covernet – is a dedicated division which will allow the business to innovate and develop on a global scale, staying one step ahead of the competition.
For over 25 years, Covernet has been helping insurers get to market faster, better and smarter and the business has been evolving and innovating through-out that time. Today, the company is a leading provider of insurance software solutions that offer unrivalled functionality, built and supported by experts.

Lee Stuart, Managing Director of Covernet said: “We see ourselves as pioneers in insurance software and recognised that for innovation to remain at the heart of our ethos, we needed to create a dedicated space for it to be nurtured.

Discovernet is where we generate the conceptual sparks that lead to new innovations, where we work together to create the building blocks of our platform and our industry’s future.
Lee continued: “It’s a place to make revolutionary ideas happen: a creative environment for our team to collaborate and to invent.”

Covernet has always been innovative in the field of insurance software and 2021 marks a watershed moment, as the creation of this dedicated facility will enable the business to not only improve its service for current customers, but to respond to market demand on a global scale.

Through research and development, Discovernet will offer benefits to clients, both current and new, exploring opportunities through robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and other emerging technologies.

Pictured above at the Armagh Planetarium’s Hypercube - this was a perfect location to mark the official launch of Discovernet, as Northern Ireland’s leading astronomical research and education facility and a hub of innovation and discovery, not to mention the simultaneous link to the new Discovernet brand. The Discovernet team are (l-r) Dr Darren Burns (Solutions Architect), Jim Campbell (Chief Commercial Officer) and Lee Stuart (Managing Director).