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Let us beat those Monday Blues together


Today is ‘Blue Monday’ but let us beat those Monday Blues together.

At Covernet one of our core values is Teamwork and we have always been very passionate about our team’s wellbeing, and actively encourage each team member to achieve a good work life balance while offering flexi working hours to suit different lifestyles.

In better times (pre-Covid) when we could be together in the office, we encouraged everyone to take regular tea breaks away from their desks, providing an endless supply of coffee options, cereal, health bars, smoothies and fresh fruit.

We are also delighted to offer colleagues the use of our custom-built Wellbeing Room. This space offers a tranquil environment which can be used at any time throughout the day for staff to take a little time out, away from their desks and the hustle and bustle of the busy office.

While working from home, we’ve started a virtual 3pm team tea-break every day. This is an opportunity for everyone who wishes to join a video call with a cuppa (and treat) to join their colleagues, have a chat (non-work-related) and a little downtime from their busy working day.
Today is Blue Monday but let’s try to treat it as just another day. Here are some simple things to help boost our mood and keep us all upbeat for the week ahead. We would even encourage everyone to adapt these as new habits into their everyday.

1. Plan your day! If you have a plan for the day ahead and as the day unfolds you can tick off some of your To Do’s, you will feel great achievement and productivity.
2. Get some fresh air and a little exercise, adhering to the Government guidelines.
3. Enjoy a favourite treat, this could be food or your favourite drink. Go on treat yourself.
4. See a friendly face, video call or FaceTime a friend or family member for a chat or catchup.
5. Send that text, check in with someone you have not seen in a while to say ‘Hi’ and let them know you are thinking about them. It is good to be kind.
6. Keep things in perspective, Blue Monday is just another day, don’t let this dampen your mood too much. If you are feeling low, remember tomorrow is a new day.
7. And remember if you feel you need some help, do not be afraid to ask.

“It’s Monday - time to take over the world..”