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Client Profile: XS Direct Insurance


Living up to the Claims!

The Dublin based Managing Agent offer innovative motor products in the UK and Republic of Ireland that allows drivers with low or no, no-claims bonus, competitively priced premiums balanced by higher excesses.

They approached us just before Christmas 2013 looking for a Claims management solution to support their rapidly growing business. Their Program Manager, now CTO, Geoff Beggs visited the Covernet team after meeting one of our existing clients and learning that we handled their claims management.

Covernet provide two options for Claims management, ISMIS which integrates claims management with all the other back office functionality needed to sell and administer insurance schemes, and CHIME, which is a dedicated Claims management platform. XS Direct already had a policy administration solution in place, so they opted for CHIME.


The initial on-boarding process was fairly straightforward; CHIME is a SaaS solution, so we provide all the infrastructure, and as it’s an established Claims Management framework, much of the functionality was there already.

As XS Direct existing policy administration system used EDI messages, we were able to import these same messages to ensure a complete policy history was available to raise claims against, then it was just a matter of tailoring XS Direct’s preferences within CHIME’s flexible framework to ensure the system was ready to go. This included:

Definition of type of Reserves / Recoveries and setting their default monetary values depending on type of claim being added

  • Definition of Claim handler types and tailoring their levels of authority
  • Defining service provider types
  • Tailoring Fraud screening questions and scoring
  • Using our Correspondence module to define their letter templates

XS Direct also defined a series of extracts that they wanted the system to provide which our reports team produced as part of their initial launch which took place on the first week of April 2014.

Continual innovation

Now into their 7th year as partners, Geoff and his team have continually sought to refine and improve the way they operate their claims management, and we are proud to have worked with them in providing the technical solutions to realise these business innovations.

Recent projects have made improvements throughout the entire claims journey; from FNOL, with a new API introduced in December 2019 that provides seamless real-time logging of claims from 3rd party FNOL systems; right through to the settlement of claims payments, with the development of an integration with CRIF, a third party data enrichment service, to provide inline bank account validation, which was delivered in July 2020 in tandem with functionality to produce BACS imports for batch processing of Bank transfers. We love that the team at XS Direct continually challenge us, and that the CHIME system’s extensibility, and our developers skills rise to the challenge.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The partnership approach we enjoy with XS Direct is supported by great communication from both sides, Geoff and his team in Dublin have a great understanding of the claims process, and are quick to engage with us through our web portal and our business support hotline to raise any issues or queries they have. We also have fortnightly Customer Relationship meetings to track deliveries and review service levels to make sure they are continuing to get the quality of service they deserve, and to meet their own due diligence requirements. This meeting is also the forum where future innovations are initially discussed and planned before engaging the wider development team who also work closely with their counterparts at XS Direct once projects get underway.

We’d like to take the chance to thank the team at XS Direct for their continued custom; their engagement in projects, and their drive for continual improvement complemented with our own team’s technical abilities and understanding has ensured that we have been able to foster a real culture of innovation between us which we’re looking forward to further building on in the future.